About Us

Welcome to the web site of the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons,  number 7660 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England. The Worshipful Master invites you to explore our web site where you will find information about our Lodge, The Temple of Uxbridge and also some information explaining a bit about Freemasonry in general. If you are already a Brother, then we look forward to you visiting one of our meetings and if you are not a member but would like to find out more about joining after you have explored our site and some of the links to various other sites then please get in touch.

The initial meeting of the Founders opted to name the Lodge ‘The George Parker Lodge’ as a tribute to a Mason who had done so much for Masonry at the Masonic Temple in Uxbridge. This title was at the time unacceptable as the person to be honoured was still living. The present title arose after much discussion and was accepted by the Founders as entirely appropriate to honour the name originally suggested. The Lodge was consecrated on 29th September 1959.