Lodge History

Lodge History


The initial meeting of the Founders opted to name the Lodge ‘The George Parker Lodge’ as a tribute to a Mason who had done so much for Masonry at the Masonic Temple in Uxbridge. This title was at the time unacceptable as the person to be honoured was still living. The present title arose after much discussion and was accepted by the Founders as entirely appropriate to honour the name originally suggested. The Lodge was consecrated on 29th September 1959



List of Founding Members

Leslie Parker

George E. Tearle

Warren S. J. Wooden

George Parker

Reginald C. Howard

Cyril C. F. Butler

Reginald O. Gray

Gordon Ryles

Arthur J. C. Kettle

Frank A. Boyce

Albert E. J. Brackley

Sir Arthur H. Munro

Arthur H. Cheslyn

Donald B. Mc Faden

Owen E. Parish

Thomas W. J. St Claire-Smith

George D. Dean

Harry P. Barker

William F. Hart

William H. Turner

Geoffrey V. Parker

Henry G. Clarke

Edward J. Griggs

The first initiate into the newly formed Lodge was Evan C. Bowen (Buzz) on 11th January 1960 and although he does not currently attend meetings he is still a subscribing country member of the Lodge and he received his 50 years in Freemasonry Certificate on 8th February 2010.

For some years it was clear that the Uxbridge Centre in New Windsor Street, Uxbridge, was proving inadequate. In the 1990s the condition of the Centre was beginning to cause concern, not only was it unable to meet the requirements of the Lodges that met there but also the conditions of the premises were deteriorating. The roof was sagging and the Centre had been compelled by a Fire Officer to install a fire exit into the rear of the Lodge Room, an expense that could be ill afforded. It was obvious that further alterations would most certainly be required in the future to meet changes in Health and Safety issues. It was therefore decided that new premises were needed and the search was on to find somewhere appropriate, well over a dozen sites were inspected but rejected as inadequate for a New Uxbridge Masonic Centre.

During the summer of 1993 the present site was found, then know as Stork House and after extensive alterations the building consecration took place on 29th July 1995 by R.W.Bro. Gordon Bourne, the Pro Provincial Grand Master. Our Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent GCVO, formally opened the building on 28th September 1995.

The following month Temple of Uxbridge Lodge held its first meeting in the new Centre, which was the Installation of W.Bro. Bob Kirk into the Chair of King Solomon as Master of the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge.

On the 14th February 2014 the Lodge carried out the double Initiation of Mr Larry Mitchell and Mr Keith Atkinson who were Initiated into Freemasonry as the 152nd and 153rd members of the Lodge since its Consecration.


Past Masters of the Lodge

+  1959-60         L. PARKER, PAGDC, PPrDepGDC

+  1960-61         G. F. TEARLE

+  1961-62         W. S. J. WOODEN, PPrGD

1962-63              A. H. CHESLYN, PPrAGDC

+  1963-64         Sir A. H. MUNRO, Bt, ProvAGStB

+  1964-65         G. V. PARKER, PPrGW

+  1965-66         A. F. J. BRACKLEY, PPrGD

+  1966-67         H. G. CLARKE, PPrGD

+  1967-68          E. J. PAICE, PPrGSB

+  1968-69          J. B. GRASSIE, PPrAGDC

1969-70              G. A. W. CUTTS, PPrJGW

+  1970-71         D. B. McFADYEN

+  1971-72         C. G. MOORE

+  1972-73         W. J. BEAUMONT, PPrAGDC

1973-74              P. D. TACK, PPrJGW

+  1974-75         P. S. YULE, PPrJGD

+  1975-76         W. E. P. CRAIG

+  1976-77         C. W. CHANDLER

+  1977-78         C. A. ASKER, PPrGD

1978-79              P.G.HALLS-DICKERSON, PJGD, PPrJGW

1979-80              J. WARD, PPrSGW

1980-81              D. R. SMITH, PPrSGW

+  1981-82         W. G. STAUNTON

1982-83             M. SUMMERVILLE

+  1983-84        G. RYLES, PPrGD, LGR

+  1984-85        R. LONSDALE

1985-86             P. G. WOOD, PPrDepGReg

1986-87             B. A. HARVEY, PPrGSuptWks

1987-88            R. McI. CLUTTERHAM, PPrSGD

1988-89            G. P. LLOYD, PPrAGSuptWks

1989-90            J. J. RING, PPrGAlm

1990-91            M. F. J. HOODLESS, PPrGPurs

1991-92             B. R. KEMP, PPrSGD, PPrJGW (Surrey)

1992-93            M. E. CLEVERLEY

1993-94            A. BANGURA

1994-95            M. R. NEW, PPrJGD

1995-96            R. H. KIRK, PPrGStdB

+  1996-97       L. F. C. WADMAN, PPrAGSuptWks, LGR

1997-98            B. A. HARVEY, PPrGSuptWks

1998-99            D. R. SMITH, PPrSGW

1999-2000       A. A.  HOUSE PPrAGSuptWks

2000-2001      P. G. WOOD, PPrDepGReg



2003-2004      P. D. TACK, PPrJGW

2004-2005      R.J.H.AUSTIN, PPrSGD

2005-2006      R.J.H.AUSTIN, PPrSGD


2007-2008      T.D. LEA, PPrAGSuptWrks

2008-2009      G.A. BROWSE

2009-2010      C. BOTWRIGHT

2010-2011       R. BUTLER

2011-2012       J. KASPRZYK

2012-2013       P. SEASTRAM

2013-2014       T. D. LEA


+  Deceased