The Order of the Holy Royal Arch


I hope this will be of interest and informative to Master Masons and Royal Arch Companions alike.

The Order of the Holy Royal Arch is the ultimate step in Pure Ancient Masonry. It is closely associated with the Craft and is an extension to the preceding degrees  in Craft Masonry.

The Holy Royal Arch provides an added spiritual dimension to the Craft and at the same time a very special feeling of good Companionship is engendered amongst its members. Those who embrace it will testify to the high level of enjoyment they derive from their membership.

A Royal Arch Chapter is attached to the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge and it shares the same name and number There are several Companions in the Chapter who are members of the Temple of Uxbridge Craft Lodge, the opportunity of becoming a member is open to all Master Masons especially those who are members of the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge, for further information please contact W. Bro. Reg Austin, the Lodge Secretary

Finally, may I say to all Master Masons who are not yet members of the Holy Royal Arch come and join us; it is good fun and is there to be enjoyed. You will be made most welcome.

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